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Our Services

IDS provides a wide range of services to assist builders, architects, designers and property engineers with all of their building envelope needs. From new construction to repair and preservation, IDS can provide solutions to enhance the beauty, performance and lifespan of any property.


Illinois Design Solutions, Inc. offers the following window & exterior wall services:

New Construction:


  • IDS has close relationships with several manufacturers and can provide a consultative approach to provide products that meet the stringent performance requirements of modern energy-saving construction.

  • We provide budgetary estimates and product performance data to allow estimators and designers to develop turn-key solutions integrating the supply and installation of fenestration systems. From individual window openings to engineered curtain-wall systems, IDS has the product and know-how to address the most demanding needs.

  • We also provide on-site project management services to supervise the delivery, installation, testing, and approval of new construction fenestration materials.

Window Replacement

  • IDS provides a consultative approach to sales, working with owners, architects, consultants, and general contractors to evaluate the existing structure’s use and to identify all issues critical to the execution of work and long-term performance of the products.

  • IDS excels in planning and executing large scale replacement programs in occupied facilities. It takes a unique skill set to manage projects where individual residents, owners, or commercial tenants must be assured that their personal property or fixed assets will not be at risk while heavy construction occurs.

  • We have demonstrable success in meeting tight deadlines to minimize disruption to regular operations in medical and clinical environments. We manage all critical paths that have an impact on the timely and cost effective completion of nuanced projects where extensive planning and precise execution in the field is essential.

  • IDS has proven that historic buildings can be renovated in a way that adapts the most modern technology available in the fenestration industry to facades that must retain historical integrity. Whether working with steel, wood, aluminum or the latest composites and hybrid materials, we can provide the design and implementation plan necessary to preserve the extended life of historic structures while maintaining the heritage and luster of the property.


  • IDS offers a comprehensive approach to repair projects designed to accommodate both architects and owners.

  • A mock-up repair is integrated with a budgeted plan to determine the true extent of the problems and propose cost effective solutions that can be effectively implemented.

  • We offer materials and labor forces necessary for retrofitting of glass, repairing or replacing sealants, hardware replacement, weather stripping installation, all done on site. We can also perform more detailed work by transporting materials to our shop and returning them to the site for re-installation.

  • We provide rapid implementation of repair programs designed to minimize disruption to residents, owners, and commercial tenants. Our professional staff members are trained and very experienced in the swift execution of common repair procedures.


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